Mexican Cowboy Boots

Are really a great buy!!

Mexican Cowboy Boots have a tradition going back hundreds of years.

According to Laura Morelli, writing in National Geographic Traveler, 

“The Mexican vaquero tradition helped shape the development of the boot that 19th-century Anglo cowboys wore while herding the cattle across the central and western states.”

Western Shoe Wear made across the border is made with all the craftsmanship accumulated from all those many years of making quality inexpensive reasonably priced boots.

Hard part of buying across the border:

  • Picking the best pairs without knowing the brands or makers is tricky if you’ve never had experience with this market.
  • Some boot makers do excellent work with good materials, but some don´t.
  • Where can you buy them? Do you have to cross the border to get them?
  • Can they be shipped to you?
  • Will you be able to exchange them if they don´t fit?

Easy part of buying Mexican Cowboy Boots:

  • We are in touch with some of the more reputable manufacturers.
  • We have at our disposal models with pictures of their latest styles.
  • We are in negotiations to select their most popular lines and sell them directly to you through Navarro Brothers in El Paso, Texas established in 1937.
  • Depending on the demand, we will also offer "made to order" styles in addition to a regular line.
From one of our Mexican Boot Makers

Besides having a Western shoe wear line from across the border available to you, you can tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll get you all the information you need on top quality Mexican boots.

We’ve drawn up a handy form below you can fill out and we’ll either put you in contact with reputable makers or we’ll get the boots for you ourselves

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