Justin Cowboy Boots

One of the tops in western boots!!

Justin Cowboy Boots, one of the tops in western boots. 

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Justin Cowboy Boots

The Justin Boot Company has a long history in the trade.

  • The official beginning dates back to 1879 when H.J. Justin, a boot repairman, began working out of his house in Spanish Fort, Texas.
  • Ten years later, following the railroad, he moved his operation to Nocona, Texas.
  • By the start of the twentieth century his sons, John and Earl, joined the enterprise and it became H.J. Justin & Sons.
  • Within a couple of years, they were selling their western boots in most of the U.S. Mexico and Cuba.

  • After H.J.’s death, the sons moved the headquarters to Fort Worth in 1925.
  • In 1948 John Jr. bought the controlling interest in the company.
  • Eventually by 1968 the organization had acquired Acme and became Justin Industries.
  • As of 1990 they had grown to include in their family of brands: Nocona, Chippewa and their strong competitor for many years, Tony Lama.

  • In August of 2000 one the best compliments in a business sense was paid to Justin, in particular, and the cowboy boot industry, in general by one of the most renowned entrepreneurs of the world:Warren Buffett.
  • Buffett recognized the strong future of the western boot business and purchased Justin Boots through his company, Berkshire Hathaway.
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