Almost New Lucchese Custom All Ostrich/13D

by Jacques Vroom
(Dallas, TX)



Commissioned by Harry Hudson, owner of the late Two Moons Trading Company. Especially made by Lucchese's Custom Division, with whom Harry had very good connections. Some of the "fullest" full-quill Ostrich you've ever seen was used for the vamps, with only slightly less dramatic quill Ostrich on the heavily-stitched 12.5" uppers. Worn once, walking briefly in Snider Plaza, just outside the store; on the day the boots arrived from Lucchese. Stored in a wooden box in my closet since then. 1.5" walking heels.

$900, or best offer.

Inside top of each boot monogrammed with the letter "M". Then, that was for something else. Now, it's for "Mother".

I will only sell to those who can pick up in the Dallas, TX area. These boots will not be shipped.

For more information contact Jacques at:

PS I also have three other pair for sale, nearly as virginal. Two pair from Rusty Franklin, and one from Billie Pickard. Please check them out here.

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