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which are the best looks, construction,
custom made or buy on western foot wear.

Lucchese - N4551 (Black Buffalo Calf Floral) - Footwear Lucchese - N4525 5/4 (Red) - Footwear Lucchese - GB9273 5/4 (Tan Burnished Ranch Hand) - Footwear

The Best Cowboy Boots; you will find them in these pages based on our experience of fifty years. We will give you our picks but understand that everyone has their own choice. If you find you agree with us and want to try these boots for yourself we will give the best places to find them, check them out and purchase them. Click on the pictures.

Picking the best cowboy boot is as subjective as trying to say which color is the best. They are the ones that fit well, are comfortable and appeal to your personal taste in how a western boot should look.

Our experience with working cowboys is that they seem to look for function first, that is, 'they need the boot to help them do what they need to accomplish', like roping and riding, etc. The cowboys we know usually wear good sturdy cowboy work boots that are, most of the time, very non-descript but fill their mission. On the other hand, when they party they can come up with some really good looking western footgear.

Lucchese Cowgirl - CY7238.W8S (Stonewashed Navy Lizard/Ocn Bl Burnished Mad Dog Goat) - Footwear Lucchese - L4688 (Black Eden Tooled) - Footwear Lucchese - N1123 (Canebrake Rattlesnake/Grey Mad Dog Goat) - Footwear

We wouldn't even venture to recommend the best cowboy boot only to point out our favorites. This is up to your own personal needs and tastes.

What we will do in this page is share with you our own personal preferences and the ones we think are truly nice looking. We have been selling and buying western shoe wear for fifty years but we have by no means had hands on experience with all the boots out there.

There are many many great western boots on the market from line manufactures to small quantity custom makers.

We have a number of custom made and hand made boot makers that we recommend - and are constantly on the look- out for many more - on our other pages.

This page will mostly deal with our experience with manufacturers with a widely know name.

In our area, West Texas, we are proud to have some of the top manufacturers in the business. These are some of the best known although not all: Rocket Buster, Tres Outlaws, Stallion, Arditti, JB Hill, Caboots, Tony Lama and Lucchese and other amazing boots.

Now to our favorites!!

In our roaming around the area looking for cowboy boots we have found few experiences as rewarding as walking into the Lucchese Store. If you are a western shoe wear fanatic as we are you will be overwhelmed by the rows and rows of exquisitely made and beautiful looking boots. Lucchese are at the high end of the price spectrum.

In our opinion the best cowboy boot made by a high volume manufacturer is Lucchese. We have found that their construction is consistently superior and their designs are highly appealing plus they offer a wide variety of exotic materials in their offerings.

Of course, we couldn’t forget

Tony Lama, our home grown brand. They also have a very nice line which includes all the brands under the Justin name. Here we find very good workmanship and nice designs. Where we would classify this line is best buy for your money. They are definitely less expensive than Lucchese.

We have that one that would qualify among the most comfortable is H&H cowboy boots. But most comfortable varies so that the only true statement is that “good fit equals comfortable fit”.

Double-H Women's 12 Double-H Men's Whistler 12 Double-H Men's Ranch Wellington Boots

As in most all our pages we provide you with a wide array of options for comparing and shopping from your own home. Among the necessary things we look for in selecting quality sellers to recommend is that they accept returns so you can be assured of a good fit.

Click on the pictures and links on this page to see a wide variety of boots we like

This is a dynamic page in that we will occasionally add western foot wear we consider “best”, so keep coming back.

We would really like to hear from you. Do you have a "best boot"? Do you disagree with out choices? Do you want us to add a favorite of yours? (makers welcome). Just fill out the form below and submit it. Thank you....

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