Who needs cowboy work boots?

Are steel toes, waterproof or laceup western shoe wear necessary for your needs?

Who needs cowboy work boots?

Are steel toes or laceups western shoe wear necessary for your needs? Find the answers here and where to get what you need.

Originally all cowboy boots were work boots. They developed out of the needs of cow herders that brought back their “Wellington” inspired boots home after the civil war. They wanted a boot with high tops that would shield them from the high brush and thorns during their cattle drives. The boots had to stay on for the whole day so they had to be reasonably comfortable. Heel size and toe were consideration for stirrup comfort and safety. Cobblers throughout the mid and south west adapted these extras to their boots so they could “work” the ranges.

Dan Post Men's Cowboy Certified 11Jama Men's Trucker Cowboy 13Dan Post Men's 12

Nowadays the term "Cowboy Work Boots"is applied to inexpensive boots used day to day by the cowboy: ropers, round toe; obviously not the fancy ones. There are still cowboys on the range doing pretty much the same chores that early cowboys were expected to do. These cowpokes have a wide array of boots now to choose from but they usually pick theirs for fit and function as did their ancestors.

Apart from the true necessities of ranchers, there are many who love the feel and look of western shoe-wear for their daily work regardless of their activities. To some waterproof work boots are desirable for example Dan Post Men's 12" Waterproof Western Boots.

Another use is cowboy work boots for uniforms. Many of these require rubber soles. Chippewa has rubber soles for uniforms like chemical & slip-resistant Neoprene® work boot soles. For example Chippewa Men's Pull On 10" Western Boots

For those who might want fancier western shoe wear for work, skins like shark, bull and elephant are but a few examples of sturdy, long lasting materials that can be employed in the making of cowboy work boots. This type of boot is more expensive but well worth it in the long run.

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Cowboy Boots Buying Guide.com recommends that when you are in need of a strong long lasting work shoe you look for Goodyear Welt construction so they're tough enough to stand up to the rigors of the job site. Goodyear welt means that they are stitched rather than glued, Goodyear welted boots are not only strong, but fully repairable for years of added life. It is even better when they are triple stitched and riveted in key stress points.

Finally, two further considerations in selecting your work western shoe gear is where on the foot you might need extra protection due to job site conditions.

You need cowboy boots with steel toe if you work in an environment where heavy objects might pose a threat to your safety; especially your toes. We’ve found some top manufacturers that offer the steel toe in their boots affording you extra protection. For example: Double-H Men's 12" Steel Toe Western Boots

Another popular option that is quite attractive is the laceup cowboy boot. Here you get a different western look while providing you with extra ankle,toe and foot protection. For example: Chippewa Men's 10" Steel Toe Western Boots

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