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Dingo Cowboy Boots are one of the most popular and recognized boot around. Where did this boot come from? Why have these boots been so popular for so long. Find the vintage Dingos and great buys on new ones.

The Dingo Cowboy Boot was started in the early 1970’s. Those of you who were at an age to remember, they made quite an impression on the fashion scene.
They were competitively priced for the young generation of those days to embrace them and make them a fashion icon of the day. Their reputation was enhanced by having spokesmen the likes of Joe Montana, Boomer Esiason and the great Joe Namath.

This boot was marketed by the then already famous Dan Post Company, makers of top quality western shoe wear. Dan Post put the same quality into them as they did for their signature brand but priced them at a level where the younger generation can afford to wear this fashionable footwear.

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Over time they started offering boots for the entire family, the kids, mom and dad.

D boots are not flashy, and neutral colors are used except for the childrens boot products, but these cowboy boots are high quality and durable.

This footgear has remained popular all these many years and continue to have an almost cult like following. This is a result of their quality and their timeless fashion. They can be worn with practically any clothing but are known to highlight a pair of jeans.

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