Custom Making Croc Cowboy Boots

Making some Crocs at N V

There are all kinds of custom western boots makers. Tony at Nueva Vizcaya is in the higher price range vs regular factory boots but what we've seen of his custom made boots are well worth it.

Finishing Process

Finishing Process

The Custom Making Starts

"The Custom Making Starts"

Here are some of Tony's Custom Handmade Cowboy Boots. He does all kinds of special orders like the ones he made for a local auto dealership. The dealership gave them out with their logo or special ordered to customers who bought a car during the promotion.

U of O boots

Viva Ford Boots

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We are in contact with a Wide Variety of Master Cowboy Boot Makers and can probably fit your needs to the maker who can satisfy your tastes. Also, we'll be looking for more from different areas of the country. One of these might be close to you so hang on and we'll set you up.

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