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Cowboy Boots for Women in Red, Black and leather:
How they got to be so popular.

Cowboy boots for women that are so popular like red, black and made of leather seem to have been around for a long time but how did they evolve from the old standby western boot?

Historical records indicate that the earliest cowboy boots were made to accomodate cowhands herding cattle to market. They were constructed to help them ride all day avoiding the high rough shrubs, snakes, managing in and out of stirrups and general prolonged wear. In those days there no cowboy boots for women.

Regular cowboy boot origins come from a combination of the old civil war boots and the mexican/spanish boots used by the early spanish settlers of the southwest.

So when did the womens cowboy boots come into the scene?

Cowgirls started the boots for fair sex craze during the 1920’s with the advent of western shows and movies. This is when “girls” started to carve out their own niche in western boots. Designers of female western shoe wear appeared. They made boots for women more of a design project than merely making them for function. Their designs started to become more elaborate and visually pleasing.

In the latter part of the 1920’s Justin Boot Company manufactured what might be arguably called the first exclusively manufactured cowboy boots for the fair sex. It was a success. The black and red leather boot was called the “Western Gypsy”. From there on out the beautiful and innovative designs in cowboy boots for women have been with us keeping up with the ever changing trends demanded by the modern woman.

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Nowadays fashion conscious women are wearing so many variations of the basic models.

Ladies Western Boots are now made in all kinds of exotic skins and leathers. Exotic skins like snake and python fit the bill perfectly for cowgirls looking for a unique and an exclusive look because no two skins are alike. Two similar pairs for women with similar design in snake look different due to the variability of each skin.

Western boots for the cowgirl have opened the door for ladies boot styles with studs, rhinestones and precious stones. Behind all the glamour, though, the whole fashion world undoubtedly recognizes the timelessness of a pair of traditional cowboy boots.

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